Colored Text on a Dynamic Background

Let's get this out first... I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan. No shame here. After 14 seasons, I have just as much interest in sitting down every week and watching the latest episode as I did when it first came out (granted I started via Netflix a few seasons late). Watched most of the spin-off... Continue Reading →

Vacuuming Satisfaction

So often when I do something, I strive for everything to satisfy my inner QA. It's not often too difficult, as I am my own critic, but I am still a tester at heart, so I need everything to be bug free from even my own life. While vacuuming today, I ensured that all the... Continue Reading →

Welp, It’s Been A Year

May 16, 2017 was the first post I published as an official QA Analyst blogger. I set off to embark on a journey of writing, with a goal of covering topics around testing, QA tips, and most importantly, the basic life of a QA tester. A year later I have written 20+ posts, and I... Continue Reading →

Your Product Must Match Your Branding

Today on my way into work I passed by a food delivery truck that was one of those smaller trucks with a mobile refrigerator on the back. These trucks aren't uncommon by any means, but this particular truck was not branded at all appropriately. The only thing written on the side of the truck was... Continue Reading →

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