What Happened to my Pop-tart

I’m a big fan of the S’mores Pop-tart. My favorite of the bunch. And until writing this, didn’t know it was Pop-tart, thought it was one word… Poptart.

Anyways, I opened my pack of S’mores and the chocolate “frosting” was no where near the amount that I’d like, or find reasonable. While Pop-tarts never have enough frosting or gooey insides, this particular one wasn’t enough for me.

Quite possibly the end of the frosting tube, or the last tart on the line, my Pop-tart didn’t satisfy the proper ratio need.

I’m still an avid eater of the S’mores Pop-tart, and haven’t experienced this again, but these are the types of bugs that we don’t want to encounter. They lead to unhappy customers threatening to terminate their service, thus leading to lower retention and less profit.

Find those bugs testers, else you may end up with an unhappy Pop-tart-eating customer.


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