Welp, It’s Been A Year

May 16, 2017 was the first post I published as an official QA Analyst blogger. I set off to embark on a journey of writing, with a goal of covering topics around testing, QA tips, and most importantly, the basic life of a QA tester.

A year later I have written 20+ posts, and I feel I have been learning a lot about this blog stuff, and also learning things about myself because of this experience.

Lessons Learned

The first thing I learned is about my desire to write and how often I actually want to do it. When I started, I had a goal to post about once every two weeks. While that number has not increased over the year, I really enjoy writing.

The problem is when I don’t write, my desire decreases greatly. So the longer between posts I wait, the harder it is to get back in here and write. But when I do finally get to writing, I really like it and want to hammer out a few of them.

Secondly, I learned quickly that coming up with topics was surprisingly easy. When I first started, I only had three or four topics in mind, but once I started paying more attention to the world around me, I quickly became aware of all the things I could write about. Coming up with topics became easier and easier, and I’ve gone from QA tips to QA life in general, and more personally relatable posts than work/testing specific posts.

A third thing I learned was that length isn’t everything. While some of my posts get wordy and long, I am working on posting more regularly and keeping some of them short and sweet.

Lastly, audience count doesn’t affect me as much. When I started, I wanted readers/followers. I wanted more people to get in and read and have an active blog with discussion, and other people replying with their personal stories as well. I have since released some of that desire and gotten to a point of comfort in the audience. While I still have a good handful of active readers, I’ve gotten less concerned about quantity, and realized that I am still doing this for fun, the rest is just bonus.

I can’t tell you how long I’ll be blogging, or if it will get any better, but I can say that I have another 14 posts at the ready, with more thoughts coming in regularly.

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