Some Things Just Don’t Need QAing

Here in Wisconsin, it’s that time of the year where we can warm up the bikes, get a fresh propane tank, and light up the fire pit. All three of those things I did today.

I don’t actually live by the policy of “some things don’t need QAing” because in all honesty, I QA everything. Every process, every word, every aesthetic, everything. It’s just my nature. But there are moments where I can relax and just let things happen.

This weekend I assembled this fire pit (sorry it’s so hard to see) and upon completion, immediately realized things that I should have done differently. I decided not to glue the bricks because I wasn’t sure if I’d ever want to move the pit. But now the bricks slide in and out. Whoops.

We lit up the grill tonight for dinner and realized we were out of propane and I had to run to the store to pick up a fresh tank delaying dinner a little while. Whoops.

A good QAing process can prevent these types of things from happening. But sometimes I just want to be lazy after an entire day of QAing.

Now I sit by the fire and toss logs on at random, realizing that my minor OCD doesn’t care about log placement. Because of that I am able to enjoy the time with my family.

If you knew me, you’d know I truly do QA everything. But right now, I’m just letting it slide.

Happy spring testers, let the fires burn.

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