Your Product Must Match Your Branding

Today on my way into work I passed by a food delivery truck that was one of those smaller trucks with a mobile refrigerator on the back. These trucks aren’t uncommon by any means, but this particular truck was not branded at all appropriately.

The only thing written on the side of the truck was a title and their phone number (keeping hidden).


The truck was extremely old, very rusty and falling apart near the tires. Similar to, but worse than this (and also not a construction truck).


This really made me question the integrity of everything inside, and ponder if I would ever consider calling this number to ask what food they are delivering. The branding of this truck was so off from the product they offer, that they won’t achieve a good user base, or create greater potential for repeat customers.

This type of company needs to have very clean, put together trucks, whereas the truck I passed by, if it had said Joe’s Construction and Remodeling and their phone number, I would have never batted an eye. That would be the exact truck I would imagine for that product.

It’s so important that we express our product with our branding, and also define our branding with our product. This is true of every industry, and it’s why some companies thrive while others can’t seem to hit the mark.

I also experience a similar feeling when passing by a vehicle that is incredibly full of mud and dirt. I will sit and think that they just need to stop for a car wash. But if it’s a Jeep, then I immediately assume they just had a good time.

Branding is everything, and the wrong branding will make you lose customers over time.

That’s it, short and sweet today. Just another QAing Life moment.

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