Becoming Crisis Proof

I get a new desk calendar every year that has a daily read/game/trivia, so this year for Christmas I got a Deadly Skills calendar. It basically lists ways to always be prepared for attacks, violent situations, and to increase the overall awareness and be on the offensive. It was interesting to me when I opened the box and read the page for January 1st, the similarities to my every day job as a QA tester.


Here is a picture of January 1st:


I could spend some time breaking this down line by line and comparing it to the roles of a QA analyst, but I’ll keep this one brief. Basically in my daily work, I have to be aware of the possibilities that could arise, be offensive in my testing strategies, create test plans and actively practice test plan management.

My favorite line above is

…comprised of situational awareness, personal and cultural awareness, active threat reduction techniques…

Is that not what we do as QA analysts every day? Constantly reminding ourselves of our user’s workflows so we can test sufficiently and be actively reducing threats users may encounter when they are in our products.

It is crazy to me how often the world around me presents itself as a QA opportunity or a moment to reflect on my role as a QA analyst.

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