Bug or Intended Functionality?

Today I was taking advantage of a deal to get free cheesecake as long as I used this newer restaurant order and delivery service. The delivery service was offering free delivery today, I’d assume to acquire new customers, and offering a piece of cheesecake from a local restaurant at the same time. However, there was one contingency. The order had to be placed today, December 6th, and the order had to be delivered/completed on December 6th. While that seems like an acceptable rule, there were some issues.

First thing to note, this site allows for future ordering as well, and then will place the order and deliver on a chosen future date. I’m not sure if I personally would ever use this feature, ordering my meal online today, but not wanting it for two or three days, but I am able to recognize the value for people that may want to get all the meal details figured out before hand, and then spend the remaining few days preparing their house for the guests.

Now that we know that information, when I went in to order my cheesecake, it presented me with the next available earliest delivery time, two days from today, around 11:30am. This wasn’t going to work, as I needed to close my deal today in order for it to be free. I searched for the ability to change delivery to today, but it did not appear to be an option, and finding the date/time selector was no where near my shopping cart. Additionally, I wasn’t even sure how to check out, because everything was disabled. I eventually found the time selector where it informed me that today’s times were already full, and I must select a time two days from now. At this point I figured out that I could select a time two days from now, and that I would just go to the checkout page and enter the code, to see if it would still work.

After choosing two days from now, around noon, the checkout button became enabled. On the checkout page, I entered the code, and the cost of the cheesecake came right off the total bill. There was also a Change button next to the Date/Time of delivery. I clicked that and was able to select today’s date for 12:30pm. Submitted the order, and sure enough, my cheesecake was delivered right on time.


So what’s the point of this story? Why do I write about my cheesecake experience today in an overall negative tone, while still expressing the positive outcome of the day?

Most of what I write is to train our minds to be more analytical, to think about our processes and workflows, and evaluate how it went, while possibly considering better ways to do it. With all the websites out there that have a workflow in order to get something done, it just means there are a lot of opportunities for improvement.

I don’t need to go into detail of each area of improvement I would recommend for this restaurant order and delivery site, because often times enhancement requests and user workflow is different for every person, and also because if you’re reading this, you can spend a moment thinking of how to better the experience. As a QA tester, we have an opportunity to speak up during the building process and ensure that the workflow is the best it can be for the user. It doesn’t mean we will always be heard, or that as a team we will build the best user workflow, but it’s important to recognize the value of the team, and how each person looks differently at the workflow.

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