Your Product Must Match Your Branding

Today on my way into work I passed by a food delivery truck that was one of those smaller trucks with a mobile refrigerator on the back. These trucks aren't uncommon by any means, but this particular truck was not branded at all appropriately. The only thing written on the side of the truck was... Continue Reading →

Really Cool Bug Finding

I was demoing some software when I said "I found a really cool bug". I was quickly questioned why the action of finding a bug would ever be really cool, or why the bug itself would be cool. How could either of those scenarios be a cool thing? The Action The act of finding bugs... Continue Reading →

Such a Thing as Over Compensation

Is it possible to plan too much, over-develop, and do too much exploratory testing? Is over-compensating really a thing when it comes to software development? During my regular TV watching, a Walmart commercial came on with a child and her pacifier. Every time the girl dropped her pacifier on the ground, the dog came and... Continue Reading →

Mobile Modal

Another interesting item has crossed my path once again and is worth writing about... The mobile modal. Try saying that 10 times fast. A modal is similar to a pop-up, a light-box, or an alert that flashes on the screen, but often contains the ability to do further work so that displaying the contents directly... Continue Reading →

Faster Timeline Could Mean Less Quality

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn and with it there was a communication between business and developers. The conversation went like this: Business: "How long will the project take?" Creator: "About 6 weeks" Business: "We don't have that time...I need it in TWO weeks" Creator: "OK, we will do our best in that time"... Continue Reading →

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